Why be a Full Stack Developer?

You may have heard the term “full stack developer” mentioned whenever someone is talking about a web or software developer. But what does it actually mean and are there any benefits to being one? Let’s take a closer look. In the world of web and software development, you’ll typically find 3 different types of developers: […]

COVID-19: Skills for the New Normal

The world’s attention is locked on a virus most people hadn’t heard of a month ago. A global pandemic has borders closed, streets empty, entire countries on lock down. Citizens everywhere are forced to stay indoors, and to self-quarantine indefinitely to avoid contamination. And that’s exactly why it’s time to train for the new normal. The […]

Top 3 Reasons Veterans Should Learn to Code

Changing careers and learning something new can be hard and many people find it overwhelming where to get started or which industry to choose. The good news is there are tools and resources to help you learn in-demand coding languages that can completely change your life. Here are our top 3 reasons veterans should learn […]

Top 5 Reasons People are Transitioning to IT & Cybersecurity

Today, let’s explore life after serving with the top 5 reasons people are transitioning to IT and Cybersecurity. 1. Earn high-paying jobs without experience One of the top reasons people are migrating to IT and Cybersecurity is that the fields are booming with growth. With technology on the rise, and automation replacing jobs, few industries […]

Do I Need a Degree to Work in IT?

As more companies begin their digital transformation, IT (Information Technology) work only continues to rise in demand. It’s expected that 1 in 3 organizations will increase their IT staff in 2020. That number is a misnomer. Though many companies don’t plan to expand their IT staff, they do intend to continue backfilling positions that they […]